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Project information

Warszawa 4th quarter of 2016r 4th quarter of 2017r Tramwaje Warszawskie Sp. z o.o. Safege S.A.S. - Francja (lider) oraz Schuessler-Plan Inżynierzy Sp. z o.o.

Project description

The subject of the planning and development concept design is to build a fast tram line from the M. Kasprzak street to Wilanów, along with the accompanying elements. The contract among others includes: constant traffic management project and an analysis of the traction power supply system, the analysis of tunnel construction costs, network and electrical and sanitary installations, as well as all the materials necessary to obtain a decision on the environmental conditions that will form the basis for a later documentation preparation.

Range of services

conceptual work in the field of drainage

conceptual work in the field of sanitary collisions

conceptual work in the field of sanitary connections to buildings

conceptual work in the field of underground tunnel design

geotechnical research


Main challenges

The most important investment in terms of tram lines over the last decades in the whole country

Innovative solutions for trams with increased speed