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Multisector design





Multisector design

Taking challenges, our company is aware that as a representative one of few economy brunches is “earth sculptor”. Effect of that process is Architecture which surrounds our life. Its wealth is present in each of our needs. In our work we do not become just architects. In the work of enhancing living, work and leisure space, professional teams of experts are involved. We want to understand and fulfill each of our clients’ needs, so that we choose the best specialists in terms of every trade and range, which are included in the individual plan of our partner.

Due to high position and opinion of talented partner, taking complicated projects with success, we realize projects in many sectors beginning with environment, and ending with manufacturing plants of high technology of production. We concentrate on tasks supporting mobility, sustainability and life quality. Search of innovative solutions many years ago allows us to implement BIM technology and practically use its potential both in design and management processes.

Multisector, interdisciplinary teams efficiently managed by strong personalities with outstanding design knowledge, allows us to realize tasks from the range of:

electrical and low current installations
Tunels and underground engeniering
fire protection
process design
interior design
landscape architecture

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