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Energy audit





Energy audit

As a response to increasing demand, we would like to introduce our services associated with auditing, building energy certification and consulting.

What is energy certificate?
Energy certificate also called energy attestation, is a document specifying amount of building energy requirements which are necessary to provide needs arising from its usage. Energy certificate includes specification of energy requirements, based on constant building features such as: its standard, intended use or systems of instalations.

What is Energy audit?
Energy audit is a document describing actual condition of the particular building or device. At the same time it indicates modernizations methods of audit subject, in order to make it more modern and energy-saving. This kind of elaboration is also aimed at emphasizing technical and economical parameters, and the range of whole modernization undertaking.

We perform energy certificates and energy audits for facilities of any size and function. Profound specialization in the range of physics of the building associated with project and execution intension, allows us to consider ourselves as a leaders in the matter of energetic consulting. We are also practical advisory subject in the LEED and BREEAM certificate process.

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