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Construction managemement





Construction managemement

We are sure that our management processes and strategies, gives us conviction that we can deliver to our clients projects within planned time and budget. Due to diverse investors needs in terms of management services, BBC would like to recommend our construction management solutions.

It is undeniable fact that today’s building projects led in the formula of general contractor, suffer from many diseases which have large influence on the investor. It is worth to quote a few examples at this point:

reward received from the investor does not go to subject physically performing construction execution.
General contractor realize projects without involving his own resources, building for subcontractors “money”.
More and more groups of contractors presents solely restitutionary attitude, from assumption awaiting to increase their profit margins by imposed works.

Building our clients success we would like to indicate profits coming from investment realization in the Construction Management formula.

Profit margin remains on the investor side
Frequently more than 10% of the reward can become investor financial profit.

Lower personal costs
Investor and general contractor supervision team overlaps. Necessity of its duplication comes from different business goals of both sides. In the construction management formula personal costs are identical.

Greater security in terms of joint and several liability
BBC implemented security system for its clients in the range of joint and several liability. It comprises curious know-how in the matter of Construction management.

Shared investment goal
Goal of Construction Management team is compatible with investor goal. General execution brings on together with its implementing different azimuths for contractor and investor.

Higher quality of performance
Due to same business goals realization, quality of executed works is truly higher.

Real investor influence on the construction process
Investor can participate in each decision process, he has influence on the contractors and suppliers selection. We chose quality and effective price not blatant price.

Lack of “dark side” of building investments
For construction processes of our times frequently becomes a norm situation when the most pleased subject of investment process is a law firm. In the Construction Management formula there are no disputes between general contractor and investor. Probability of claims is incomparably lower than in the any other formula.

Relations building with suppliers and contractors
In every business, relations results as financial profits. Positive relations gives measurable lower service contract prices. BBC would like to share its contacts and market recognition with client to receive the most effective contract prices.

Chain of subcontractors
General contractor already ceased to be institution which realize construction execution with its resources. Disgraceful standard are multilevel chains of subcontractors. Sides of executions agreements can be subjects actually performing works what BBC can guarantee due to building market recognition taken from practical experience.

Business activity sphere does not end on economical results of the company. Certainty that our own investment process did not destroy existence of many people by lack of payment from general contractor side is the most important matter in terms of ethics and integrity.

The range of the Construction Management services includes:

The preparation phase:
⦁ Planning and preparation of the investment;
⦁ Due Diligence;
⦁ Tenders for the selection of Designers and Contractors;
⦁ Administrative permits and approvals acquisition;

The realization phase:
⦁ Design process coordination;
⦁ Cost management, including as-built budget, Cost Controlling;
⦁ Tenders for the selection of Designers and Contractors, Suppliers;
⦁ Project Management & Investment Supervision,

The closing phase of the project:
⦁ Organization of receptions in obtaining permission to use and transfer property manager objects;
⦁ Final acceptance for the whole investment;
⦁ Final settlement of the project.

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