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Contract advisory





Contract advisory

Collecting years of experience in the field of construction processes view, focusing on understanding the legal, financial and technical aspects of the above along with a strong understanding of the judiciary, allows us to be a partner in the problems of our customers. We feel an inner positive pressure to promote the awareness in the field of dispute resolution, distortion effects and the cost of delays. In terms of contract consultancy we operate at various levels.

Court expert private business:

⦁ Arbitration and litigation suport services
⦁ Private technical opinions carried out by people included in the list of court experts,
⦁ Sharing experiences and good practices of court experts

Expertise and technical reviews:

⦁ Multi-discipline expertise carried out by authorized surveyors
⦁ Multi-discipline technical expertise of buildings
⦁ Opinions stating the progress of work
⦁ Cooperation with research institutes and leading research laboratories

Legal claims:

⦁ Preparing and defending claims
⦁ Review and evaluation of claims directed to the customer
⦁ Development of claims for supplementary works and indirect costs
⦁ advice on the preparation of the supporting documentation for purpouses of court proceedings

Schedule analysis:

⦁ pre-court analysis of delays
⦁ calculation of the claim value resulting from the investment prolongation
⦁ identifying the causes of delays in design
⦁ proving dependence or independence of delays from customers fault

Support for formal legal actions at various stages of the project:

⦁ client representation in obtaining administrative decisions
⦁ building permits, including reorganization proceedings with PINB
⦁ all kinds of permits and phasing of development
⦁ repair of formal legal status of construction
⦁ advice on the practical application of FIDIC contract conditions

Risk management:

⦁ risk identification
⦁ risk probability estimation
⦁ determining the economic factor at risk
⦁ implementation of risk mitigation action
⦁ advice to the customer at the time of the materialization of the risk

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