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Evaluation of building technical condition





Evaluation of building technical condition

Technical aspects of civil engineering, despite their complexity, define safety and comfort of use. Often they are also part of litigation or transactional negotiations. A professional team of experts, that we are, allows to carefully evaluate the technical condition of a building.

Due to diverse goals being pursued by the exercise, each time we dedicate to the client an interdisciplinary team of experts, which includes renowned building experts, designers, members of SIDIR and RICS. During assessment the people present are also experts included in the list of court experts of different specialties.

With great satisfaction we speak out in unique matters, giving clear solutions to problems for our customers. We are a timeless partner, who thanks to the linking of evaluation and innovation processes wishes to continuously improve his services in this area.

A wide, respected experience, allows us for a multi-criteria look of buildings audit. The subject of our studies is and associated financial, legal, technical and cost approach.

In our activities, we want to provide services that are constantly “more than” fulfilling to our customers needs. Today we educate the industry in the field of standards, technical evaluation and autid for buildings.

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