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BIM design





BIM design

BIM shortcut means “Building information modeling”. It enables not only building modeling but also additional related information analysis e.g. overall cost of: construction process, maintenance, energy consumption and project planning.

BIM creates perfect space to correlate human resources potential with information management. The more accurately we use the information more advanced and effective tool we obtain.

BBC confronts in its activity with common conviction that BIM usage is just an additional value for construction offices. With our own example we would like to submit vide range of benefits connected with BIM tools implementing, which is reserved for all investment process participants including investor.

From our experience results that BIM implementation is cost efficient for all kinds of infestations. Supporting investor decision process connected with BIM interest, we would like to submit a few unparalleled advantages of this solution:

coordination support, between project participants,
possibility to supervise and observe design process progress,
possibility to perform simulation of different project versions,
excellent answer to question “how it would like to be if”,
integrated tool in the planning and economical field,
technology which allows to eliminate collisions and avoid errors,
elimination of claims amount and additional works in the execution processes,

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