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Sectors of our business


Increased competition in the markets and the related need and necessity to maintain a competitive advantage, forces companies to change their strategy and modes of action in order to constantly increase their market share. We help our customers meet this need by combining our technical expertise with a vast knowledge of various sectors and by using the latest technical and business solutions. We distinguish all risks, we create a number of potential solutions and implement the adequate ones. Our innovative approach allows you to take on any challenge and pursue it in the best possible way. The key to success is a comprehensive range of services, starting from the design phase, through construction, modernization and ending with building maintenance. We set the highest standards in terms of health and safety, environmental protection and quality. We are aware of the needs of flexibility, expertise and innovation that arise among potential customers.


Professional creation of project assumptions, insightful and expert analysis of every problem and investment plan, local market knowledge and the ability to apply it are the basic parameters determining the success of a commercial project. These projects are extremely successful and often eye-catching, and at the same time ensure maximum return on an investment while minimizing the risks. Through our proprietary solutions, management systems, investment advisory and optimization process, we constantly help our customers in receiving a high-quality product. Our actions are based primarily on adapting to the needs of Use and the requirements and conditions posed by particular markets.


One of the important issues of our time is the question of energy consumption and access to natural resources. A reliable, stable and environmentally friendly energy production is a key element in securing the quality of life of a modern man. We feel obliged to ensure a sustainable development, by providing reliable, effective and efficient technical solutions in order to reduce and minimize the energy demand and use in the built environment. We provide a global perspective of looking at these challenges. We realize complete projects and support the Customer during all stages of development, from initial consultancy all the way to putting the building to use. We also provide consulting services in the optimization and modernization of existing buildings. Our team consists of consultants and experts in the field of efficient, renewable and passive technologies. In addition, we are well familiarized with environmental assessment tools, such as BREEAM and LEED. Extensive experience and technical expertise allow us to successfully work with clients in the implementation of even the most demanding projects and investment undertakings in the field of energy and environmental protection.


We are a significant support and we provide a wide range of services for public sector organizations and institutions, in terms of improving their effectiveness and efficiency, in carrying out their tasks and responsibilities. In many sectors, increased efficiency and performance are a constant challenge. Increasingly, it is required that new structures played more diverse functions and created a public space affecting a multi-faceted development. We help to create public spaces to support the economic , environmental and social development of many cities and towns. We act as a trusted partner and advisor for many major institutions.


An adequate transport network and timeless environmentally friendly projects translate into the quality of life of a society. Together with our costumers we face the most complex tasks. W participate in the implementation of numerous projects of key national importance, and varying degrees of complexity, in the road, rail and tram sectors. Our emphasis is on functionality and utility of objects, because we realize how important to the public a properly designed and constructed infrastructure, that will in the future become our common heritage is. Certainly our knowledge, skills and necessary experience help us in achieving this.